measuring value

original 1956 mid-century sofa

To reupholster, or not to reupholster? For lots of people, it's a big question. We suggest that people ask themselves the following questions.

  • Is the chair or sofa exceptionally comfortable, and does it fit the space in your room?
  • Are you sentimentally attached to the piece?
  • Is it an unusual or rare style, or possess other unique features?
  • Is it sturdy?

We can't answer the first three questions, but we can help with the fourth. Furniture was once made to last several generations, and families would re-cover it when the fabric had worn down. Now, we find that the frames are the first to go. More and more, they're made of cheap particleboard, pine, and rubber webbing, and there's no sense in re-covering.

These frames end up in the landfill. We see them at the curb all the time. Meanwhile, some family spent $1000 of their hard-won cash on something that just got tossed. On a smaller scale, the same is true for dining chairs and other kinds of furniture, and it doesn't make any sense.

If you already own one of these frames, we might be able to fix it. If you haven't yet bought one, we suggest saving your money up for one with a good frame that will last much longer. It might cost twice as much, even three times as much. But it's like anything else: You get what you pay for.

Here are a few links to help you make your decision.