our work in video and photos

Paul Raymond and Ron Derra

Up until 2010, Paul had very few pictures of past work to show to people. But that's in the past. Now, we maintain a portfolio site on Flickr and a video channel on YouTube. Woo hoo!


  • Paul fixes the frame of a cheaply made sofa. Sofa repair on YouTube.
  • Reupholstery of an Art Nouveau/Deco style sofa. Art Nouveau sofa reupholstery on YouTube.
  • 32 years later, still in business. A video about the shop. About Home & Office Upholstery.

  • photographs

  • Our portfolio, mostly residential. Residential portfolio.
  • Our portfolio, mostly commercial. Commercial portfolio.
  • The couch in the picture above (dated 1963) is now on its fourth fabric. Slideshow with detailed images of the reupholstery. 1950s couch reupholstery.
  • We donated a chair to the 2011 Wisconsin Public Television auction. See the transformation, and the winning bidders. Wisconsin Public Television auction donationYouTube.
  • Reupholstery of a dilapidated chair from the late 1800s, in a Renaissance Revival style.Renaissance Revival chair slideshow.