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Paul Raymond, Ron Derra

Paul Raymond (right) began upholstering car seats in 1975 and soon after added furniture to his offerings. Over the years, he's built a reputation for precision in craftsmanship as well as an eye for style. He can honestly say that he's seen it all, except for the piece that he hasn't.

Ron Derra (left) joined Paul in 1980 and has also become a master upholsterer. Together, the two men have over 65 years of experience working on every imaginable style of upholstered furniture. Ron recently became a grandpa. Feel free to congratulate him.

Recently, Paul has begun to listen to his creative urges. “Furniture as Art” is his motto – or is it “Art as Furniture”? He now brings his reliable craftsmanship to collaborative, artistic upholstery projects. For Easter, Paul unveiled No. 1 in the FÖLK Furniture Series©. We called this little lady’s chair “Spring Whimsy." Like most items in our windows, this chair is FOR SALE!

whimsical chair